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Phyto Partners is a venture capital fund that invests in businesses operating in and around the burgeoning cannabis industry. Phyto Partners and advisors provide strategic business support and resources to our portfolio companies in order to help them execute their plans and encourage their success. By adding value and partnering with our management teams, Phyto Partners increases investment performance and ROI to our Fund investors.

The Phyto team plays a vital role in the Cannabis industry by providing capital to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and operating businesses. Phyto Advisors will bring to bear its broad network of experienced business executives, financial experts, analysts, and advisors to assist portfolio companies with financing needs, operations and execution. Our portfolio companies along with our partners will collaborate to assist with successful execution strategies in all areas of the Cannabis industry.

The Cannabis industry is an emerging market that is developing and growing rapidly. As this demonized and misunderstood plant is legalized for medicinal and adult use, a completely new asset class is emerging that is uncorrelated to stocks, bonds, real estate, oil, or gold. Cannabis laws continue to be reformed in the US and around the world and as that continues, society will uncover and rediscover the many benefits of Cannabis for use in everything from epilepsy and cancer treatments to industrial products like biofuels, hemp-crete and insulation.  

The Cannabis economy is a new and emerging market even though it has existed in the shadows for years.  Cannabis is rapidly coming into the mainstream as a remedy, a medicine, a social elixir; and its growth will continue to accelerate.  The misguided and failed policy of cannabis prohibition coupled with the war on drugs will continue to be reformed, more states and countries will put in place sensible cannabis laws and the entire world will benefit from cannabis reform and ultimately full legalization. As this happens Phyto Partners will profit from the businesses that participate in and support the Cannabis Industry.

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