Cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs – a cross-sectional study

The large pharmaceutical companies have alot at stake in the war on drugs. In particular, the war against legalizing marijuana. If and when the federal government decides to come to terms with the fact that more than half the states and some 70% of the population has access to legal medical marijuana and allows research on it, their billion dollar drugs will have competition. And that competition is organic, non toxic, non addictive, and they can’t patent it!

A recently published study in the from the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded with the following findings…

These patient-reported outcomes support prior research that individuals are using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs, particularly, narcotics/opioids, and independent of whether they identify themselves as medical or non-medical users. This is especially true if they suffer from pain, anxiety and depression. Additionally, this study suggests that state laws allowing access to, and use of, medical cannabis may not be influencing individual decision-making in this area.

Cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs – a cross-sectional study

So, when there is open access to medical marijuana many people will choose to substitute marijuana as a medicine and stop buying drugs from pharmaceutical companies. And the study also supports the fact that with or without marijuana laws changing, people are still seeking out medical marijuana solutions to many of their health needs.

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