Psyche Fund Overview

Ongoing FDA clinical trials
> 19
Publicly traded psychedelic companies
States with partial decriminalization*
*incl. Washington, DC
Academic institutions with psychedelic research centers

The Phyto Approach

This nascent industry presents a unique investment opportunity for considerable growth and innovation as the market continues to scale.

Phyto Partners has identified three core pillars driving this growth:

  • Developers of therapeutics for mental health disorders and other related illnesses
  • Research tools and organizations devoted to the investigation of new psychedelic technologies
  • Ancillary companies supporting the growth of the psychedelics industry

Current Research Reports

Management Expertise

The portfolio managers, Board of Advisors & network of experienced industry consultants bring proven success.

Industry Experience

The fund will leverage its deep operational and financial expertise, with its network of relationships to accelerate the growth of its portfolio companies.

Financial Strength

Phyto has emerged as one of the Top Venture Capital investors in the industry.

Operational Expertise

Phyto’s deep relationships gives insight into the industry where information is often sparse and unreliable.

Deal Sourcing

Phyto has developed a relevance & understanding of the industry giving us the expertise to manage the myriad legal and regulatory challenges.

Access to Capital

Phyto provides investors the ability to diversify among geographies, sectors, products and service verticals of the industry.

Management Team

Psyche Fund

Larry Schnurmacher

Managing Partner

cody shandraw


Managing Partner

aaron raub

Aaron Raub

Senior Analyst

jonathan rubin



Portfolio Analyst

evan schnurmacher

Evan Schnurmacher

Portfolio Analyst

Fund Administration

  • Legal Counsel: Adam Greene, Polsinelli 
  • Fund Administrator: Sam Crispino, NAV Consulting
  • Accounting and Audit: Gary Rubin, CPA, Rubin and Associates

Phyto Partners, LLC
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