Cannabis Overview

Cannabis Fund Overview

It’s a cannabis world and more people are living in it

About the fund


Phyto Partners is a venture capital fund that invests in businesses operating in and around the burgeoning Cannabis industry. The fund offers accredited investors a professionally managed vehicle to get involved in this rapidly growing market.

Phyto Partners is a Venture Capital firm that provides debt and equity capital to privately held cannabis companies. Since June 2015, Phyto Partners has deployed capital into 30 distinct portfolio companies. Our investments stem across the value chain of the cannabis industry; because we believe ancillary businesses are critical to facilitate the growth of the industry. Our portfolio investments touch education, branded products, agriculture technology, point of sale software, biotechnology, and more.

Through our capital resources and broad network of industry relationships, we offer our companies financial sponsorship, critical strategic support, and business development assistance. Phyto Partners aims to be “more than a check”, by actively introducing our portfolio companies to potential customers, investors, and M&A targets, all while bringing our expertise to the table.

Our portfolio companies are able to leverage off one another and collaborate to execute successful business plans. Our advisors and industry relationships bring together the knowledge and expertise to help our portfolio companies thrive in the dynamic and fast growing cannabis industry.


Phyto Partners, LLC
2080 NW Boca Raton Blvd
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