We don’t normally think of a plant as being a disruptive technology. But Cannabis will be highly disruptive to many industries.

Think Pharmaceuticals…sleep aides, anxiety meds, gastrointestinal remedies, and pain. Think healthcare…epilepsy, MS, ALS, Alzheimers, CTE, Glaucoma, chronic pain mngt, PTSD, anxiety, cancer, and the list goes on. Think Alcohol…beer, wine, tequila, and now cannabis elixirs. Think restaurants…before and after dinner drinks, desserts, and aromas. Think sports…pain mngt and CTE. Think criminal justice(prison industrial complex, war on drugs)…no more non violent possession prisoners, about 45% of current prison population(~1mil people).



If you keep thinking, there are so many ways that legal, regulated, and normalized cannabis will impact industry, business, health and wellness, and society.

Cannabis has only been illegal for about 80 years, prior to that it was a widely accepted and used product, touching the lives of many people in many positive and productive ways. Yes it was also used to get high, but was never a problem drug. Then it was arbitrarily made illegal and poof! Cannabis became a dangerous scourge on society. The gateway drug to hell. Marijuana users would quickly turn to criminals, rapists and murderers.

Marijuana is now legally available to more than 70% of the US population.  Countries including Canada, Australia, Israel, Germany, UK, Uruguay, Spain, Greece, Netherlands.  This widespread acceptance of marijuana as a medicine along with the acknowledgement of all the positive aspects of legalizing it, will create an environment that will foster disruptions in numerous industries and society at large.

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