“Grownetics is known in the cannabis industry as Smart Garden, the premier grow technology ‘Operating System’ for large scale grows”.
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Most marijuana growers have a ‘head of cultivation’ who feeds, waters, and monitors the plants at an indoor facility. Over time, they are able to optimize their grow for whatever their situation is. Much of this is through trial and error and can take a long time, money and headache to get just right. And after such a process, many growers don’t do a good job of documenting their issues.

This oversight in process can lead to all kinds of problems. When relying on a single person, their ‘touch’ or even poor documentation, it’s expected inefficiencies will arise contributing to wasted resources, time and of course, money. This industry problem is ripe for a solution.

Grownetics fixes this flourishing problem with Smart Garden, an unprecedented solution for grow technology. Grownetics is the most advanced cultivation management system for greenhouses and indoor farms. They combine high resolution crop sensing, open automation systems, and individual plant tracking from clone to cure so your business can ensure a better grow every single harvest.

Grow Technology Operating System for Large Scale GrowsThe systems mapped interface and workflow automation is the key to easy remote operations. It enables businesses to manage multiple sites from anywhere in the world. The automated workflows and batch specific automation recipe’s work the way you do. Built-in chat allows your entire team to communicate on-site or off-site ensuring data and tasks get done seamlessly.

Grownetics treats every ‘grow’ differently and will cater to your unique business needs. Included with your retention of this company is a personalized plan that is optimized just for your grow. Grownetics learns your goals and then deploys it’s team of lighting, sensing and efficiency experts to draft a platform design and system integration plan just for your operation.

Grownetics is THE industry-leader in this space. They are miles ahead of others in grow technology and are poised to dominate the cannabis industry. Their model currently is being researched in by other crop growers and promises to offer efficiences to virutally any type of ‘grow’. This is not just about marijuana and investors in this company may not have to wait for federal decriminalization of marijuana to cash in on this very unique company.

Grow Technology That’s Propelling the Cannabis Indudustry

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