Portfolio Timeline

  • Flowhub

    Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail software company that delivers compliance, point of sale, inventory tracking, and business intelligence data. Flowhub processes over one billion dollars in cannabis sales annually and empowers more than 900 cannabis retailers and their partners to grow revenue, simplify compliance, speed checkouts and manage inventory for improved consumer experiences. We made our initial investment prior to the Series A round.

  • Leaflink

    LeafLink is the largest Wholesale Cannabis B2B marketplace connecting brands and dispensaries. LeafLink is for cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers who want to streamline the ordering process, simplify communication, and spend less time on busy work.

    We made our initial investment in the Series Seed Round. At the time, the business was operating in two states: Colorado and Washington, had about 60 brands and 600 dispensaries on the platform, and lifetime gross merchandising value (GMV) on the platform was ~$30M. Today, LeafLink is operating in 25 markets, has about 1,500 brands and 4,000 dispensaries on the platform. and the company is on track to do nearly $2B in annual GMV.

  • Front Range BioSciences

    Front Range Biosciences is the biotech leader of hemp and cannabis, applying big agriculture & biotech principals to the fastest growing crop in the World. The company focuses on varietal development and producing seeds and young plants and has a global presence through its partnership with the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG). We made our initial investment in the Series Seed Round of financing.

  • Green Flower

    Green Flower Media is the trusted leader in cannabis media and education. GFM is based in Ventura, CA, and it develops certificate programs and continuing education courses for higher education curriculum for colleges and universities, cannabis training for corporations and governmental agencies, as well as industry-endorsed streaming content through subscription services. GFM’s current content portfolio features over 1,500 hours of high-quality video content presented by 700+ cannabis industry experts, including medical doctors, research scientists, and well-respected cannabis entrepreneurs.

  • Wurk

    Wurk provides HR & Payroll solutions to the cannabis industry. Its platform enables cannabis operators to easily manage their human resources, payroll, and operational needs within the confines of state-by-state cannabis regulations. The team is built around experts in 280E tax law, accounting, human resources, and banking in highly regulated industries. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.

  • Vangst

    Vangst offers recruiting solutions to cannabis companies. Vangst bridges complex executive hires with a technology platform to hire temporary labor called GIGS. Vangst GIGS is the first and only fully compliant on-demand staffing platform in the cannabis industry. Vangst GIGS connects vetted temporary labor with cannabis businesses. Vangst works with many premier cannabis companies such as Willie’s Reserve, Native Roots, 1906, Harborside, GTI, Columbia Care, Still Water Brands, Verde Naturals, Cresco Labs, and more.

  • Fyllo

    Fyllo is a Cannabis Marketing Technology company that powers compliance at scale. Offers brands the ability to execute cannabis-compliant campaigns with a full suite of advertising solutions and allows publishers to monetize cannabis compliant inventory and data. Its product CannaBrain™ uses AI to structure, analyze and activate the richest sources of customer and cannabis data on the market and ultimately drives smarter marketing and better results. Fyllo acquired Canna Regs in early 2020.

  • CannaRegs

    CannaRegs is a subscription-based Legal Tech platform that provides comprehensive searchable online access to cannabis laws and regulations. It tracks and aggregates state and local laws governing highly regulated industries, enabling professionals to identify applicable rules, track ongoing legal developments, and make informed business decisions. Acquired by Fyllo in January 2020.

  • Canndescent

    The leading brand in luxury cannabis, and California’s #1-selling luxury flower brand. Pioneer of a consumer-centric approach classifying cannabis products by desired outcome (Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, Charge) versus the confusing array of strain names (OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, etc)

  • Mood33

    CBD Infused Teas, created by the founders of Steaz Tea. The company launched 6 unique flavors each containing 33mg of Full Spectrum Hemp.  Each flavor has a distinct mood state including joy, energy, wellbeing, passion, and calm. The company aligns its mission with key consumer trends: functional beverages, sugar reduction, and medicating naturally.

  • Wldkat

    WLDKAT is a lifestyle brand centered around the Generation Z demographic, with a focus on creating a portfolio of unique CBD Skincare & Recreational THC products. The founder Amy Zunzunegui has led product development, packaging, and brand strategy as General Manager and SVP Product/Brand at Urban Decay for 25 years.

  • Mattio Communications

    MATTIO is an award-winning marketing and communications firm that serves local and national cannabis and lifestyle clients. Provides media relations, investor relations, social media management, content creation, event production, search engine optimization, and targeted media buying. MATTIO represents some of the best known brands in every sector of the cannabis industry, including Canndescent, Harborside, Papa & Barkley, Headset, FlowHub, LeafLink, PathogenDx and CannaSafe. The company is based in New York City and was ranked the #1 cannabis PR firm by Greenmarket Report.

  • Agrify

    Agrify is a developer of premium indoor growing solutions with a mission to assist horticulturalists in producing the highest quality crop possible with consistency and superior yields. Agrify acquired TriGrow in early 2020. Agrify is based in Burlington, MA and is a non-plant touching company.

  • Trigrow Systems

    Trigrow provides precision cultivation solutions and enterprise resource planning for indoor growers. Enabling you to scale operations efficiently and grow the best quality crop. TriGrowTM Systems are controlled by TriMaster, custom cloud-based software that provides clients complete control and insights into their facilities and their profit optimization. Trigrow was acquired by Agrify in early 2020.

  • Asia Horizons

    Asia Horizon is focused on the emerging hemp-derived cannabinoid industry in China. It is the first and only North American firm to secure a license to extract cannabinoids from hemp grown in China. Early mover establishing large-scale, low-cost production for the global supply chain. China is the Global Leader in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and we believe potentially that the global cannabinoid supply chain will mirror the global pharmaceutical & nutraceutical supply chains.

  • Marijuana Doctor

    Marijuana Doctor is the leading Florida Medical Marijuana consultations and CBD retail dispensaries, with 25+ locations across the state and growing. The company currently services more than 20,000 patients with safe, legal access to medical marijuana in Florida (roughly 6% market share in the state)

  • Heally

    Heally is a telemedical marketplace that connects patients to doctors specializing in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as well as to natural products. For Patients – it connects them to CAM doctors and natural products as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. For Doctors – it connects doctors to a larger patient pool while decreasing their overhead. Includes features such as digital intake, appointment scheduling, HIPPA Video Conference, AI Powered Charting, Payment Processing, EMR, and Patient Support, & more. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

  • Leaf

    Leaf is the first smartphone controlled, automated home grow system for medical plants and food. Small enough to house one plant and fit conveniently in one’s home (cannabis, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.), yet sophisticated and automated enough to allow users to program the lighting, nutrient, and water levels for your crop.

  • Greenlane

    Greenlane Holdings went public in April 2019. It is the largest distributor of consumption accessories and vaporization products to wholesale and retail customers in the United States and Canada. The company offers vaporizers and parts, cleaning products, grinders and storage containers, pipes, rolling papers, and customized lines of specialty packaging.

  • VCC Brands

    VCC Brands is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cannabis infused products to over 200 premier, legal retailers in California. The company has been manufacturing, distributing, and redefining cannabis for over a decade.  Creator of Cannabis Quencher, Subtle Tea, One Tincture, and The Venice Cookie Company.

  • Grownetics

    Grownetics provides farm management and crop analytics software as a service. Delivers the industry’s top tools to cultivate, control, analyze, and optimize any crop in any cultivation system. Specifically providing a facility management platform, plant and batch tracking, crop analytics, 3D microclimate mapping, variety specific production recipes, and multi-site management.

  • Lucid Green

    Lucid Green enables brands to communicate trust & transparency through a direct connection with the consumer. The product provides the end consumer with access to a product’s complete supply chain information, helps budtenders and consumers know how a product will make them feel and what others are saying about it, and brands are able to know where their product is, who’s using it and what their inventory levels are.

  • TILT

    TILT is a combination of leading cannabis companies that deliver products and services to businesses operating in the cannabis industry. The Company’s core assets include wholly-owned subsidiaries Jupiter, a company that focuses on inhalation technology, development and manufacturing; Blackbird, a company that provides operations and software solutions for wholesale and retail distribution; and Baker, a CRM platform helping dispensaries grow their business (our original investment company). The Company also owns cannabis operations in states including Massachusetts, led by Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc.; and in Pennsylvania, led by Standard Farms, LLC.

  • Baker

    Baker is a leading CRM and customer engagement platform for the cannabis industry. Servicing more than 1,000 dispensaries across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Jamaica, Baker’s software helps dispensaries generate more revenue and inspire customer loyalty. The business was rolled up into a diversified Cannabis holding company called TILT Holdings In December of 2018. The business is based in Denver, Colorado.

  • CB2 Insights

    CB2 Insights is a global leader in clinical operations, technology & analytics solutions and research and development services with a mission to mainstream medical cannabis into traditional healthcare. The company went Public in March 2019.

  • Safer Lock

    Gatekeeper Innovations is the creator of the patented 4-digit locking cap designed to secure packaging to prevent misuse or abuse of prescription medications. The enduring epidemic of prescription medication abuse calls for solutions on many fronts, such as strengthening regulations and using abuse-resistant packaging. Safer Lock’s abuse-resistant technology helps prevent unauthorized medication access, simply and affordably.

  • Green Mile Holdings

    Green Mile Holdings is developing community-based mobile personalization products and enterprise-level technology platforms. Its platforms allow partners to build bespoke data sets, providing real value for enterprises across both endemic and non-endemic verticals. Creators of the High There! Mobile application.

  • Convectium

    Convectium is a leading hardware and equipment provider for automation solutions in the cannabis and CBD industry. Convectium designs and manufactures the best filling and capping machines in the world. The business was established in 2015 and headquartered in California.

  • Civilized

    Civilized is a cannabis lifestyle brand; event and multi-platform media company connecting brands, celebrities and influencers with cannabis consumers and the canna-curious

  • New Frontier

    New Frontier delivers cannabis industry data, intelligence, and custom advisory services to investors and businesses, both inside and outside of the cannabis industry, to inform strategic planning, market entry or positioning, investing, socio-economic understanding, and public policy decision making.

  • Steep Hill Labs

    Steep Hill Labs provides testing & analytical services for legally authorized distributors, producers, and licensed regulators of cannabis.  As one of the first laboratories to focus on testing medical marijuana in the country, it first opened its doors in 2008 to help facilitate good practices in every facet of the cannabis industry. Steep Hill has operations in 10 states.

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