“An intuitive platform to manage HR, payroll, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance for the Green Rush”
Wurk HR Management for Green Rush

Wurk is a Phyto Partners portfolio company

Wurk is an entire human resources department integrated into one seamless platform. It’s application works across all of an entity’s enterprise geared toward the ‘Green Rush’ of modern cannabis industry. They are the first to supply such an industry-driven solution and are poised to dominate this space as marijuana’s legalization spreads to more states.

Designed with people in mind, Wurk empowers the people that power your business with the only universal personnel record payroll and HRIS platform. Wurk’s power of one workforce management system can reduce double entry, eliminate system redundancy issues and facilitate compliance. Choose one of their modules to be highly focused or use the entire suite for businesses big or small. With revolutionary pricing and white glove concierge service, Wurk is transforming the way HR processes are done.

Wurk’s system is built to scale and grow as this ever-changing industry evolves. Uncertainty is commonplace from almost every angle related to the cannabis industry, but Wurk’s model for scalability revolves around this uncertainty by fetching real time information for real issues. Currently, their data supports 25 highly regulated states and their laws. And as this rapidly changing movement spreads, Wurk’s infrastructure allows it to update right along, ensuring all customers are current and compliant across all their departments.

Intuitive HR Platform for Green RushWurk is a huge player in the business of marijuana, and is regularly featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other major financial publications. They have shown tremendous growth and continue to raise impressive funding through institutional investors looking to establish a foothold in the ‘non plant-touching’ sector of the cannabis industry.

Wurk is led by some of the brightest tech minds in this country. It’s management team is comprised of not only some of the top investment players but also includes silicon valley veterans from major software companies who have continually been at the forefront of application development. CEO Keegan Peterson leads his team into the future and continues to challenge them to create mission-critical tools.

Revolutionizing HR for the ‘Green Rush’

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