Phyto Partners Launches Phyto II Cannabis Venture Fund

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 7, 2018 ( – Phyto Partners has announced the launch of their second cannabis venture capital fund, Phyto II. The $100 million fund will invest in privately held companies that provide business critical services and solutions...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

I would like to give you my thoughts on the recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. First and foremost, I want to reinforce my belief in and commitment to the cannabis industry and the work we are doing here at Phyto. We are undeterred by the recent...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Wurk’s Platform Redefines HR for the ‘Green Rush’

“An intuitive platform to manage HR, payroll, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance for the Green Rush” Wurk is an entire human resources department integrated into one seamless platform. It’s application works across all of an entity’s...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Grow Technology Propels the Next Billion Dollar Industry

“Grownetics is known in the cannabis industry as Smart Garden, the premier grow technology ‘Operating System’ for large scale grows”. Most marijuana growers have a ‘head of cultivation’ who feeds, waters, and monitors the plants at...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Meet the Bloomberg of Marijuana

New Frontier is the combination of Bloomberg and Gartner of cannabis, with the power of Salesforce to help those in and out of the cannabis industry navigate this new era.

Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Flowhub is Automating Cannabis From Seed to Sale

“The team at FlowHUb has established themselves as a go-to compliance solution. Their POS and Seed2Sale tracking technology has proven indispensable to its customers and is widely considered the easiest to use.” Flowhub’s mission is to provide a world...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Baker is SalesForce CRM for the Marijuana Industry

“Bakers customer relationship technology platform helps retailers create customer loyalty campaigns that consistently get more store visits and larger spend” Baker is an online pre-order and loyalty rewards for the cannabis industry. The industry is...

Ever wonder why Big Pharma opposes legalizing Marijuana?

Cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs – a cross-sectional study The large pharmaceutical companies have alot at stake in the war on drugs. In particular, the war against legalizing marijuana. If and when the federal government decides to come to terms...
Jeff Sessions Has Changed Nothing… March On!

Cannabis is the next disruptive technology

We don’t normally think of a plant as being a disruptive technology. But Cannabis will be highly disruptive to many industries. Think Pharmaceuticals…sleep aides, anxiety meds, gastrointestinal remedies, and pain. Think healthcare…epilepsy, MS, ALS,...

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